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Fast Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About KIA Motors

KIA cars are impossible to miss when driving in urban areas. They are known for being safe, reliable, and efficient and feature many preferred driver auto features. Here are some interesting facts about KIA motors you may not have known about.

Fast Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About KIA Motors

1 – It Is a Subsidiary of Hyundai

KIA Motors is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Group and is the world’s fourth-largest carmaker and one of South Korea’s biggest companies.

2 – It Is Famously Known as Korea’s Largest Car Manufacturer

KIA Motors is famous for its steady growth and for being the country’s largest exporter of vehicles. KIA has built many factories in Korea as well as overseas and also maintains a large R&D center in Namyang Techno Valley, South Korea.

3 – The Name KIA Is an Acronym

The name KIA is an acronym that represents the Korean phrase “Korea International Automotive,” which was adopted by the company in 1997. It has stuck because it is easy to remember and also because it sounds more global. Kia was founded in 1944 as a manufacturer of steel tubing and bicycle parts.

4 – KIA Is About Inspiration and Movement

KIA Motors is also known for its advertisements that use the slogan, “The Power to Surprise.” This refers to KIA’s goal of producing automobiles that give the driver more freedom of movement and inspire them to feel part of the car.

5 – KIA Has a Unique Philosophy for Design

KIA Motors has a unique philosophy when it comes to its cars’ designs. They believe that their cars should be more than just vehicles. They should be objects that help to shape your life. KIA suggests that the car should be more than just a tool for getting from one place to another. It should be the center of your life and of your story.

6 – KIA’s Newest Models Offer a Load of Features

KIA Motors has a number of models that are designed to provide drivers with a number of features. The most recent models include the KIA Optima, KIA Rio, and the KIA Soul. These cars offer drivers a number of different features such as heated seats, backup cameras, Bluetooth connectivity, and many other auto features.

7 – KIA Motors Prides Itself on Being Eco-Friendly

KIA Motors has been producing environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient vehicles since 1994. One of their most popular models is the KIA Soul EV. This car offers drivers a whopping 130 miles per gallon. It is a vehicle that is quickly becoming popular with those who are looking to save money on gas in a car that has many great features.


KIA Motors has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1944. It is now a household name that has expanded its business to include selling cars around the world. They produce vehicles that are affordable while still providing the driver with many different high-tech features. The cars combine elements of fun and style with the most advanced and up-to-date technology.

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