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Everything You Need to Know About Maintaining a McLaren

McLaren Automotive was founded in 1985 by founder Ron Dennis, who joined his own Formula One team, “Project 4 Racing Squad,” with the McLaren F1 team. Lead designer John Barnard used carbon fiber in the MP4/1 for the first time in a race vehicle.

Ron Dennis and Gordon Murray, the new chief designer, began work on a street-legal vehicle that would incorporate as much Formula One technology as feasible in 1988. Carbon monocoque, which has been utilized in every car since the MP4-12C, active hydraulic suspension, and even the hybrid system inspired by Formula One, which is used in the P1, are all examples of this.

Because of their constant pursuit of speed and handling excellence, McLaren’s street vehicles are sought after by collectors and fans alike. If you are one of the few lucky owners, we offer McLaren maintenance tips and techniques to help you keep your supercar in top shape.

Read on to learn and discover what you need to know about maintaining a McLaren.

First, Investigate The Trunk and Undercarriage

Ramps, speed bumps, and driveways can all cause damage to a McLaren’s undercarriage. The undercarriage of a McLaren is incorporated into the aerodynamic package, which means that any scratches, chips, or cracks can hinder the car’s handling at high speeds and should be rectified immediately.

Second, Safeguard the Car’s Paint

Aside from superb performance, the majority of McLaren owners value the car’s outstanding appearance. Two popular McLaren care methods protect your paint against everyday threats such as rodents, bird droppings, and hard water. Ceramic encapsulation

Wrapping allows you to maintain the original paint color or change it totally. A vinyl cover also protects the surface from scratches and peeling. Unlike vinyl wrap, ceramic coatings work similarly to an additional clear coat in that they improve the color and shine of your paint finish. Because ceramic coating fills in clear coat pores, it protects the car from dirt and grime, making cleaning your McLaren a breeze.

Only hand-wash your McLaren. While automatic car washes have greatly improved in terms of minimizing damage to your vehicle, they still scratch the paint and miss places such as air intakes and aerodynamic architecture. After all, a hand massage is significantly preferable to a mechanical massage.

Third, Use Only High-Quality Products

Use only premium products for a premium supercar.

In order to bring race technology into their road cars, McLaren needs top-of-the-line components. The best performance comes from high-performance engine oils, premium gasoline, high performance tires, and specialist coolants. As a result, using non-recommended or inferior parts in your McLaren during service may cause significant engine damage.


When it comes to a supercar like the McLaren, you’ll need expert care and services. This means that the work doesn’t stop at buying and investing in this vehicle. You’ll have to maintain it and keep it in its pristine condition for the years to come.

Luckily, you don’t have to do everything on your own. If you require undercarriage repair, routine maintenance, or modifications for your McLaren, look to the pros for pleasant service and education. This way, you can care for your premium collectible the next time and be able to flash it on the road whenever you want to!

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