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Buckle up in Style: 4 Alternative Options for Seatbelts

With all the innovative technology available to drivers these days, it can be hard to keep up. Driverless cars and automated driving features are becoming more and more common on new models. This leaves the seatbelt design at the back of the vehicle’s priorities.

The main benefit of adding some color to the seatbelt is to make it a little more personalized and appealing. While the seatbelt is still an essential safety feature, it doesn’t have to look dull. Colored seatbelts can lead to more buckling up among children and adults, like a cool accessory to show off as they drive.

Today, some carmakers are already including colorful seatbelts on specific models. The pop of color manufacturers has included a little extra style and pizazz for the pleasure of the drivers and passengers.

Here are four alternative options to make seatbelts a little more entertaining and colorful:

1. Fabric Seatbelts

If you’ve ever sat in a high-end vehicle, you may have noticed that the seatbelt fabric is often patterned and colored. 

It’s a good idea to pick a different color and pattern to make the seatbelt stand out. This will make passengers more comfortable finding when buckled up for a drive.

2. Reflective Seatbelts

A more practical way to add some style to the seatbelt design is to use reflective seatbelts. These can be made with the same reflective material added to the brake lights and headlights. 

Adding reflective material to the seatbelt will make it easier to identify passengers who are buckled up. In addition, reflective seatbelts can also make it easier for passengers to buckle up without bending over. 

If you use reflective seat belts, make sure that the reflective material is different from the reflective material that’s already on your vehicle.

3. Woven Seatbelts

Another way to add style to the seatbelt is to use woven seatbelts. This style option works well if you want to stay with the same color already on the seat. 

To make a woven seatbelt, you can use common sewing techniques. This type of seatbelt will feel smoother than the standard seatbelt. You can add some cool designs to the seatbelt if you add a little extra color. 

The woven seatbelt works best with a patterned seat. As with most seatbelt designs, the driver must have a clear view of the road at all times. If you decide to use a woven seatbelt, ensure that the pattern is not distracting or obstruct the driver’s view. 

4. Interchangeable Seatbelts

Some people are willing to spend extra time and money on designing their vehicles. It’s only natural, then, to want your vehicle to stand out from the crowd.

You can get a lot of extra attention by purchasing interchangeable seatbelts. When you install a set of these seatbelts in your car, you can order a variety of different colors and patterns.

This provides the option to change out the color and design of your seatbelts whenever you want. An exciting idea is to alternate different colors for each use. For example, one day, the seatbelts might be red, and the next day they might be green. 

You could even combine the colors and patterns of your seatbelts and car. This design option is not for every driver and vehicle. However, if you are a fan of color, this option might be for you.


With a little bit of work, you can make your seatbelts pop. This can be a very inexpensive upgrade that most car owners can afford. The next time you shop for your next vehicle, keep this in mind. Try to find a car with some cool colors and designs on the seatbelts. You’ll be glad you did once you set out on a journey.

At Color Seat Belts, we produce custom seat belts in a variety of color you like to make your car unique. We can re-stitch your OEM tags in 24 hours with a lifetime warranty. Ready to get started? Contact us right away!

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