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Can I Change My Seat Belt Color? A Quick Beginner’s Guide

The 2013 Mercedes-Benz C-Class is available in several different styles, including the C250, all-wheel-drive C300, C350, and C63 AMG models. Every model features red stitching on the steering wheel, red piping adorning the edges of the floor mats, additional red stitching on the doors and the seats, and red seat belts.

You may already know this. However, if you are interested in changing the color of your seat belts, this article is for you. 

Can I Change My Seat Belt Color? A Quick Beginner’s Guide

You can change your seat belt color if you want to. The seat belt retractors with different color covers are available at the aftermarket and are quite affordable. Changing the color of your seat belt is not a safety issue.

How Much Does It Usually Cost to Change a Seat Belt Color?

The price to change the colors of your seat belts can vary from $9 to $300, depending on the desired color and the model of the car. This price will cover both seat belts, including shipping and other costs.

Can You Wash Seat Belts to Improve Their Look?

Yes, you can. It is usually recommended not to wash fabric seat belts. The water and soap can damage them. But if you have them professionally cleaned, they can look as good as new. After you have them cleaned, the overall look of being worn and old will go away.

Is Changing Your Seat Belt a Good Idea?

You can change the color of your seat belt whenever you want. It is not a mandatory task to change the color, especially if you like how it looks now. It is all about you and your preferences. Since changing your seat belts will not have an effect on the safety of your vehicle, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can customize the look of the interior details of your vehicle without worrying about safety issues.

Is It Possible to Paint Seat Belts?

Painting seat belts is not a good idea. It is not recommended to paint seat belts because it is no easy task. Moreover, the chemicals that are used in the process can damage the seat belts. This, of course, is not the intended purpose of the paint. The seat belts should be cleaned and maintained, not necessarily painted. You may also have the option of dying your seat belts or having them replaced with colored seat belts. However, painting should not be an option because of the many challenges and problems it presents.


Changing the color of your vehicle’s seat belt strap is possible, and it will make your vehicle look stylish and trendy. Changing the color of your seat belt is all about how you want to customize your car to make it look even more impressive. Knowing where to get colored seat belt straps is the key to being able to change the interior design of your vehicle. Finding the right shop and supplier will ensure that you will only be provided with good products that will not only look good but will provide the same level of safety for your vehicle.

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