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A Few Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Aston Martin

If Germany has the Porsche and Italy has Ferrari, then England has the world-renowned Aston Martin! With a history spanning over 100 years and beautiful cars embodying luxury and class, Aston Martin lives up to its reputation in manufacturing cleverly engineered cars that transcend the limits of what a vehicle should look like.

Although a global automobile brand, Aston Martin has become a British icon, its name is known across every corner of the UK. There’s no question that Aston Martin is the ultimate symbol of class suited to the likes of James Bond. However, despite being a famous luxury and sports car manufacturer, there are some things you may not know about the company.

If you want to learn more about the British automobile manufacturer, here are a few fun facts:

1. “Aston Martin” Pertains to a Place and a Person

Most car companies take their names from their founders. From Ford, Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, the list is endless! Although Astin Martin derived its name from its founders, it took a slightly different turn than its other fellow manufacturers.

The company was first known as “Martin and Bamford” after its founders, Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford. However, when it came to naming the first cars they produced, the company gave them the name “Aston Martin.” Since Lionel Martin made the automobiles and tested them on Aston Hill, the name was the perfect fit.

2. Aston Martin Manufactures Bond Cars

Sports cars have long been a mainstay in various films, adding a bit of flair to exciting action scenes. When it comes to showing wealthy characters on screen, you can’t forget about the gorgeous cars they go out of and the impressive sports vehicles that smoothly speed through the road during high-speed chases.

If you were to enumerate every brand of sports and luxury cars featured in films, you probably wouldn’t be able to finish! However, when it comes to listing down the brand of vehicles used in the famous James Bond series, there’s one name that rises above others.

With the number of times Aston Martin has been driven by the fictional spy, it eventually received the “Bond Car” title. Once the Aston Martin DB5 debuted in ‘Goldfinger,’ the brand solidified its reputation as the vehicle people like James Bond drive.

3. The Logo Had Different Versions

While other car brands have had only one version of their logo since their foundation, Aston Martin had to do a few tweaks before they ended up with the current instantly recognizable logo.

The original logo introduced in 1920 consisted of a capital A and M interlocked within a circle. Seven years later, they altered the logo, featuring a pair of wings of a scarab beetle. When the English industrialist David Brown acquired the company in 1947, he added his name to the logo.

It wasn’t long before Brown’s name was dropped from the logo once the company changed hands. The current logo that everyone is familiar with was designed in 2003 and has yet to be altered.


Aston Martin is undeniably a manufacturer of the most beautiful cars, complete with attractive features down to their last detail. From the seatbelts to the engine, what’s not to like about their automobiles? The company may be over a century old and has already established a name for themselves, it seems they’re just getting started.

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