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Incorporating Colored Seat Belts into Your Driving Experience

The idea of having colorful accessories like colored seat belts in your car is creative and fresh. It can instantly uplift your mood and makes you look forward to driving. 

While a colored seat belt is such an exciting addition to your car, some people avoid buying one because they don’t want to stand out. They fear that using a colored seat belt may be a distraction for other drivers. 

A colored seat belt is something new and different for most people, so they fear it would take other motorists’ attention off the road to focus on the belt. In reality, colored seat belts do not pose a major safety threat to the people in the vehicle.

Learn more about the wonderful world of colored seat belts below!

Rise of Colored Seat Belts

Colored seat belts are available for almost any car and come in various colors. Traditionally, seat belts are blue in color, but recently it’s become more prevalent to see seat belt colors like gray, black, and many others. 

Many companies offer colored seat belts, including Viper, a brand out of the United States, and Edson, a UK brand.

The main advantage of customizing the seat belt is that it becomes more personalized and appealing. While the seat belt remains an important safety component, it does not have to be dull and unsightly. 

Colored seat belts can encourage new teenage drivers and adults to buckle up more because they look like a nice item to flaunt while driving. 

Adding a bit of flair to a seat belt can also help eliminate confusion. Arriving at a complex intersection can make a driver second-guess which lane to pull into. 

If the lane markers are white, the belt is white, and the dashboard lights are white, a driver may get confused. A brightly colored belt can help the driver tell which lane is theirs right away.

Seat Belt Laws 

In most countries, seat belt laws are commonly enforced by police while driving. In the US, seat belt laws aren’t mandatory, and enforcement is left up to the discretion of states.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states: “Safety belts are 60 percent to 65 percent effective in preventing fatal injuries to front-seat occupants. In the event of a crash, they reduce the likelihood of serious injury.” Wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of dying in a car crash by 45 percent. It also reduces the risk of serious injury by 50 percent.

Colored Seat Belts on Big Auto Names 

Colorful seat belts are already available on various models from several automakers. For the delight of the drivers and passengers, makers have included a little extra style and pizzazz.

For instance, Ford offers a variety of color options for its seat belt buckles. It offers black, silver, blue, red, and orange for the seat belt buckle and black, silver, blue, and orange for the buckle’s release button.

Volvo also offers its customers a unique option by allowing them to choose their own color. It lets its customers select the color they want, and they can also choose between a solid color or a patterned one.


With little change, you can make your seat belt colors pop. This can be a very inexpensive upgrade that most car owners can afford. Try to find a car with some cool colors and designs on the seat belts. You can even look for services that produce custom seat belts in a variety of colors you like to make your car unique.

If you want to try colored seat belts for your car, you should check out Color Seat Belts! We let you choose your custom color and re-stitch your OEM tags with a 24-hour turnaround and lifetime warranty. Choose your color today!

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