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Brand Spotlight: 7 Things You Need to Know about Fiat

Many automobile manufacturers have stood the test of time and are still around today. One such example is Fiat, an Italian car manufacturer with a history of more than 100 years. There were many notable car models and car companies in the Fiat name, and they have all made significant contributions to the industry.

This article will discuss things you should know about the company. Read on below to get started.

#1 – It’s Still Run by the Same Family Today

A trademark of Fiat over the years has been the fact that it’s been under the control of a single family: the Agnelli family, to be specific. The family founded the car brand in 1899 and has been the controlling shareholder for a very long time.

Today, the family is still very involved in the company, based out of Turin, Italy. They have had a massive impact on its history and continue to make significant decisions for the company to this day.

#2 – The Agnelli’s Have Interests outside the Company

Aside from cars, the Agnelli family also has significant interests. One good example is the Italian football club Juventus FC. It’s a major European football club that has won multiple major championships over the years.

Another thing the family is involved in is a major Italian newspaper called “La Stampa.” They control a significant part of it, and it is one of the most widely read newspapers in the country. The family also owns a television network in Italy called La7.

#3 – Fiat Still Holds the Record for Having One of the Fastest Aircrafts

It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. In 1934, it was a Macchi-Castolidi M.C. 72 powered by a Fiat AS6 aircraft engine at 709.2km/h. It’s a blisteringly fast speed, and it makes this one of the fastest aircrafts of all time.

In 1940, Fiat Ferroviaria (Railway) division achieved the world speed record for trains in the diesel-engine category through the Fiat 016 when it surpassed 160km/h.

#4 – Fiat Is Responsible for Getting Italians on the Road

Cars weren’t widespread in Italy until Fiat began producing its models. When the first Fiat car was introduced in 1899, it was very well-received. Many people were interested in purchasing their own.

It wasn’t long before people began to get their own cars, and Italy adopted the automobile as part of their culture. This paved the way for the country to become a key player in the industry and is now one of the biggest car producers in Europe.

#5 – The Company Made a Huge Impact in World War II

One of the most significant things that Fiat played a part in was World War II. The company’s factories were used during the war to produce weapons, vehicles, and other equipment used in the war.

This had a significant impact on the company itself. When the war ended, Fiat used the facilities to produce their cars and trucks again. It ended up being a critical aspect of the company’s history, and it continues to be important to this day.

#6 – Fiat Owns Half of Ferrari

When Fiat acquired a majority stake in Ferrari in 1969, it was a major turning point for the auto manufacturer. This was the same year that Enzo Ferrari sold the company to the Agnelli family. It remains a vital part of the company’s history, even today.

The Fiat Group owns around 50% of Ferrari’s shares in this day and age. It’s just enough to give them the power to make decisions that have an impact but not prohibit them from doing what they see fit.

#7 – The Brand Has the Most ‘European Car of the Year’ Awards

Fiat has a great history of winning “European Car of the Year” awards. They’ve earned a total of 42 awards, which are the most of any brand.

Fiat has won many awards, such as the “Car of the Year,” “Small Car of the Year,” and “Van of the Year,” to name just a few. It’s a testament to their ability to compete with the world’s most popular manufacturers, and it’s something they’ve been doing for a long time.


Fiat has been an essential part of the car industry for a very long time, and it has the history to back it up. Not only has it made a tremendous impact on the industry and the lives of people around the world, but it also continues to make a difference today.

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