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10 Ways You Can Give Your Tesla a Customized Look

When Tesla’s Roadster first launched in 2008, it was unique on the streets and drew stares everywhere. Today, with Teslas becoming commonplace, you can give your car a “signature look” to make it uniquely yours. 

So, how can you make a Tesla more distinctive? Here are ways you can upgrade the look of your vehicle:

1. Lighting

When you’re driving a vehicle as excellent as a Tesla, you want it to shine. The first set of lights you’ll want to buy is the official Tesla Model 3 lights—the daytime running lights, fog lights, headlight, and taillight assembly. 

While you can always buy the lights and install them yourself, it’s not a bad idea to have a professional do the job so you don’t risk damaging your car.

2. Exterior Trim

Tesla’s Signature Red Multi-Coat paint job for Models X or S looks good and is a sharp color that will stand out on the road. Tesla gives you the option of at least eight exterior color choices, with two different metallic sheens, along with two additional premium metallic choices.

3. Wheel and Tire Upgrades

The standard Tesla Wheel, which is found on all Tesla vehicles, is an 18″ aerodynamic design initially available in silver. You can also get it in gray, silver, and black, perfect to upgrade your car’s look. 

Tesla also offers Ultra High Performance (UHP) tires, featuring forged aluminum and a gunmetal gray finish. 

4. Bumper Plates

If you currently have a Model S or X, you can get a set of custom bumper plates that replaces your standard black plastic plates. Tesla offers three different styles—Platinum, Platinum Atacama, Platinum Twilight. Tesla also has a Crystal set of bumper plates made from either stained glass or transparent vibranium, depending on the color.

5. Decals and Skins

Tesla’s logo is undeniably cool, but if you want to give your car a unique look, you can always go with a vinyl decal. While Tesla doesn’t sell these, plenty of third-party companies do, and the concept is simple—buy a vinyl decal and apply it to your car. 

6. Rear Window Louvers

If you have a Model 3, X, or S, you have an aerodynamic flat rear window with nice lines but leaves a bit to be desired as far as looks go. Tesla sells a set of rear window louvers that replace the standard window and add a black strip at the top etched with a pattern. This is a subtle but attractive way to give your car a signature look.

7. Electric License Plate Frame

Tesla has a terrific electric license plate frame similar to the Model 3. If you have a particularly long license plate, it can be a great way to show it off and make your Tesla stand out.

8. Rear Spoiler

Tesla gives you the option of a rear spoiler that adds a bit of flair to the back of your car. Depending on your Tesla’s exterior color, you can get the rear spoiler in carbon fiber or black fiberglass. It’s a subtle but sleek look that is sure to turn heads.

9. Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap

If you want to make a braver statement with your Tesla, try a carbon fiber wrap that can set it apart. It’s not the most economical way to make your Tesla stand out, but if you want to, the results are stunning.

10. Custom Seat Belts

Tesla offers a set of custom seat belts, which will set you back around $1,000. It’s pricey, but it gives your Tesla a unique look. There’s also a black seatbelt option, which will cost you $80. 


Except for the rear window louvers, all of the components listed here are subtle modifications that you can make to your car to add style and beauty without being so over the top. If you want your Tesla to stand out from the crowd, but you don’t want to spoil the look of your car completely, these are the perfect options for you.

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