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Why Is It Important to Be Wearing Seat Belts?

By this point, it has become common knowledge to wear seatbelts when we get into a car. However, do you understand why it is crucial to wear seatbelts? If you drive around every day wearing a seat belt with seemingly nothing happening, you might assume that wearing a seat belt is only to keep you in place should the ride get rough. However, there’s so much more to it than just that.

There’s a reason seatbelts are a must-wear. That’s because they can be the difference between life and death! In this article, we’ll try our best to illustrate just how important it is to put on seatbelts through statistics:

1. One Out of Five Drivers Get Into a Car Accident

To start, let us talk about how many drivers get into an accident. Every year, about one in five drivers get into an accident, and the leading cause of death in these crashes is due to spinal cord and head injuries. From there, approximately half of all drivers who did die in a car accident could have been saved if they were wearing a seatbelt. As you can see, although the chances of getting into an accident aren’t too high, you wouldn’t want to be caught in one without a seatbelt. Any action to improve the chances to stay alive and possibly even injury-free in an accident is a welcomed one, and there’s no reason not to be wearing a seatbelt.

2. Almost All Drivers Know the Importance of Seatbelts, but Only a Few Wear Them

Did you know that almost all motorists today know that seatbelts are essential? In fact, most of them believe that they are a good idea. Unfortunately, the tragic truth is that less than a quarter of them wear seat belts. Whether it is because they forgot or they chose not to wear them, it doesn’t matter. Car accidents can be deadly, and being caught in one without a seatbelt is something you never want to experience. As such, don’t be part of the majority that does not wear the seatbelt. Be that person to tell everyone to wear a seatbelt before hitting the road!

3. Motorists Are Much Likelier to Die in a Car Crash When Thrown Out of the Vehicle

Many people believe that seat belts are dangerous because you will be trapped in a vehicle in the aftermath of a car accident. If that vehicle is on fire or sinking into a lake or river, then you’re in trouble, right? This might make sense, but in most accidents, if the seatbelt isn’t worn, chances are the driver will be knocked unconscious. Plus, there’s the risk of being thrown out of the car, where there’s a phenomenally higher chance of dying. Because of this, it is always safer to wear a seatbelt no matter the circumstances.


Simply put, before you step on the gas and hit the road, always put that seatbelt on. It may not be as comfortable as it is off when you’re driving, but when you find yourself getting into a car accident, you’d wish the seatbelt was on. Put it on, not for the sake of simply following the rules. Put it on, knowing that it is there to keep you safe, among other features like the airbag. In the most severe of car accidents, the seatbelt might be just the thing that has saved you from the brink of death.

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